In 2008, Anna Moriarty began Integrated Therapeutic Solutions with the vision of integrating mental health with overall wellness.  January 2018, I.T.S. incorporated Cumming Wellness Center.  We now offer mindfulness, empowerment training and other wellness psycho-education along with mental health counseling.  Our counseling practice is inspired by Brene Brown’s work on “owning your story” and being fully “authentic”.  We all need self-love and self-acceptance to heal our fractured parts,
so they are made whole again.   
     We live in a world that doesn’t make things easy for us. Everything seems to be moving faster than anyone can process creating an environment ripe for issues related to our mental health. Issues like anxiety and depression are prevalent. Anxiety alone is the most common mental health issue in the United States, affecting over 40 million adults. That’s nearly a fifth of the adult population. Depression, while not as prevalent, still affects about 15 million adults or 7 percent of the adult population. Depression is the leading cause of disability for adults in young adulthood to middle age. It’s not a surprise that a lot of time, money, and energy is spent trying to alleviate the symptoms of these mental illnesses. ​
Overall wellness might be the missing piece of the puzzle you’ve been seeking. Think about the physical symptoms you experience that are exacerbated by ADHD, bipolar, depression and anxiety. Irritable Bowel Syndrome, other digestive problems, chronic headaches, confused thinking or reduced ability to concentrate, significant changes in eating habits, significant tiredness, problems sleeping, tension headaches, stiff neck, and back pain are all standard when it comes to mental afflictions.  I.T.S., Cumming Wellness Center, assists with releasing these aliments by incorporating psycho-education and referrals . 
By treating both the body and mind, you find optimal relief.

We are excited to take this journey with you as you and your family invest in overall wellness!