Program Title:

Taking Supervision to the Next Level

Program Description:Supervision of new clinicians is one of the most important jobs we have. What do they need to get out of this experience? If we can assist them in discovering their confidence and competency in the field, we have accomplished our primary goal. Core Belief Therapy helps us understand where our strengths and growth areas lie as trainers. We can then empower the associate counselor to help themselves find the same. Join me in revealing our inner truths and taking supervision to the next level.


1. Train the trainer in Core Belief Therapy

2. Empower the supervisor to empower the clinician

3. Build the confidence and competence in the clinician.

2 Supervision (Advanced) on-demand (asynchronous) contact hours of continuing education have been approved by the Licensed Professional Counselors Association of Georgia (LPCA CE Approval # 2021-11-17-690AW)