Shara Noori

I Work With Individuals, Couples, & Families

Hello! I’m Shara


I am attending Mercer University’s Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program and plan to pursue my doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology. I have over ten years of experience working in various mental health settings, including state forensic psychiatric facilities, Autism Centers, Residential eating disorder clinics, in-patient crisis stabilization units, private practice clinics, and behavioral health hospitals. Throughout my experiences, I have worked with various clinically diverse populations. My specialties include working with individuals who struggle with eating disorders, substance use disorders, PTSD, Major depression, and anxiety disorders.  

As a counselor, my primary goal is not to ‘fix’ or change you. Instead, I want to understand and see you for how you want to be seen. I believe that each individual has their own unique set of values, beliefs, and expectations of the world around them. These experiences and values we hold have the power to influence our perception of the world and our relationships with others and ourselves. For example, if I give you a pair of sunglasses with green lenses, everything you see will also appear green. As long as we wear these lenses, our perceptions of the world and ourselves can be distorted. Through our sessions, I aim to help you see yourself and your situation through a clear lens so that you can begin to discover how the impact of your experiences has shaped you and your relationships.  

 I am under the direction and supervision of Anna Moriarty, MPS, LPC, LMHC, CPCS, ACS.