Continuing Education Courses for Counseling Professionals


CE Classes for LPC, LMFT, LCSW & CPCS

CE Courses

–Continuing Education Courses for Counseling Professionals–

CE Classes for LPC, LMFT, LCSW & CPCS

Experience transformative learning with our synchronous, virtual courses, expertly facilitated by Anna Moriarty, MPS, LMHC, LPC, CPCS, ACS. Anna brings her wealth of experience as the Owner & Clinical Supervisor of Integrated Therapeutic Solutions. Learn more about Anna Moriarty.

Featured Programs 

Taking Supervision to the Next Level

Cost: $50 (Webinar – Synchronous)

Program Description:

As Clinical Supervisors, guiding new therapists is a pivotal responsibility. This CPCS CE Course dives deep into the art of supervision. Understand how Core Belief Therapy can reveal strengths and areas for growth. Empower associate counselors to build their skillset confidently, avoiding burnout and effectively managing counter-transference. This program is a journey into enhancing supervision methods and outcomes.


  1. Guidelines for Effective Supervision: Explore comprehensive supervision practices.
  2. Empowerment Strategies: Techniques for CPCS to empower LPCs and guide APCs.
  3. Fostering Confidence: Enhance the confidence and competence of clinicians with associate counselor-led supervision.

Accreditation: This course provides 2 Supervision (Advanced) live webinar contact hours, approved by the Licensed Professional Counselors Association of Georgia  (LPCA CE Approval # 2024-02-21-2053LW )

**Please note: No refunds. Some reschedules may be accommodated if there are enough participants; a minimum of 5 required**

Level 1 & Level 2 – Comprehensive Training in Core Belief Therapy

Cost: $150 (Webinar – Synchronous)

Program Description:

Embark on a journey to master Core Belief Therapy (CBT). Level 1 focuses on virtual, interactive lectures, complemented by group exercises. Level 2 allows therapists to apply their knowledge through practical assignments and group exercises using case vignettes. These classes set a strong foundation in CBT.

Accreditation: Integrated Therapeutic Solutions provides 10 CORE live webinar contact hours for L(A)PC, or 10 Related CE’s for Social Workers and Marriage & Family Therapist, approved by the Licensed Professional Counselors Association of Georgia  (LPCA CE Approval #  #2023-05-31-570M)

Additional Opportunities:



Expand your expertise with our ongoing supervision and consultation groups. These are required for those seeking certification in CBT.

**Please note: No refunds. Some reschedules may be accommodated if there are enough participants; a minimum of 10 required**

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Why Choose Our Courses?

  • Expert Instruction: Led by Anna Moriarty, a seasoned professional in clinical supervision and therapy.
  • Interactive Learning: Engage in live webinars, group exercises, and practical assignments.
  • Accredited Programs: Earn valuable CE credits recognized by professional associations.

Participant Testimonials

Dana Hamrick-Anderson

“My experience with learning Core Belief Therapy with Anna has been nothing but positive. I’ve felt comfortable coming to her with questions. From that, we were able to have productive conversations about why certain things were included. Using Core Belief Therapy, I have seen clients understand how the concerns have developed throughout their life and really take the lead in healing those concerns.” – [Dana Hamrick-Anderson]

Chrissy McCormick

“Core Belief Therapy allows the client to gain empowerment of their history. In school, we are taught that clients know their history the best, and we continue that with Core Belief Therapy. However, we take it a step further, we allow the clients to define different events in their lives, and to create the terms that go with the events. Empathetic statements, “that sounds difficult/stressful”, can be seen as taking part of that empowerment away from the client.

We are giving them the words to those situations to “normalize” it in today’s society. With the training, you notice that taking a step back allows the client to feel comfortable in the process of sharing when their subconscious and defense mechanisms are comfortable. Anna is able to break the education down for trainings and for clients to best benefit from the education.

There are times that I still consult with Anna about Core Belief Therapy, due to it being a different approach. We allow the clients to validate themselves, through themselves. Anna is there for anyone to come to her for questions or concerns with understanding and using Core Belief therapy in their daily life.” – [Chrissy McCormick]

Erica Sweatt

“I am grateful to have learned Core Belief Therapy. Prior to coming to ITS I had been seeing clients for a couple of years and everything kept showing up in the same place, their childhood experiences. I tried to help them to reframe those experiences and consider alternative perspectives as well. Although that did help, it wasn’t quite the ticket to completely alleviating their concerns. Under Anna’s supervision and teaching I learned the key to deactivating limiting beliefs that were developed so early in life. I have seen the differences it makes for both my clients and for myself in my own personal work. I can assist clients in creating lasting change and have experienced great healing myself through Core Belief Therapy. This is an approach that sticks!” – [Erica Sweatt]

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